How much notice do I need to give to book a tour
Tours can be booked from almost immediately (same day) to weeks before, when you plan your schedule.
Can tours be themed?
Yes, themes can be incorporated into normal tours or as stand-alone tours. Please see Tours & Prices page for full details.
Is there a minimum age for the tours?
Being realistic, any child that can't sit still for long or gain any enjoyment from a three hours plus tour is probably too young.
Do you guarantee to take me everywhere mentioned on your website?
Sometimes there are time limitations, traffic problems, crowd issues or access problems etc, which prevents Graham from giving any absolute guarantees.
So, what are the answers for the Clocks Quiz on the Etiquette page?

A - Burberry (this was their HQ in Haymarket from 1912)

B - St James' Palace (built by Henry Vlll)

C - Royal Courts of Justice (has over 1000 rooms)

D - St Paul's Cathedral (a Roman Temple to Diana was found under its foundations during Wren's rebuilding)

E - St Pancras Station (now the home of Eurostar)

F - Big Ben (is actually the bell, which you can't see. Big Ben was cast two miles away at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, which is also where the Liberty Bell was cast).