WARNING! This tour is not a fairground novelty ride.


On this horrible tour we explore execution sites, plague pits, murder scenes (including Jack the Ripper) and haunted churchyards.  We probe the gruesome underbelly of London’s history.

Have you ever seen evidence of ‘stacking’, or visited the improbable site of a London golem (near where they hanged pirates)?  We’ll visit the site of a notorious London ‘hangfair’ and a park dedicated to acts of heroism, but shrouded by tragedy.

Where did Henry VIII occasionally favour execution by boiling?  The same place where they burnt witches and heretics.  One of Jack the Ripper's gruesome murders took place not far away, in a quiet, isolated backstreet - just wide enough for my London cab to drive down.

From the dissolute to the Dissolution, the great thing about this London Horror tour is that I don’t have to make any of it up.  Well, the ghost stories might not be true......or are they?


  • Graham (that's me) is your tour guide and driver, providing full commentary, and chilling tales, throughout the tour.
  • Many stops for photo opps and the occasional short walk.
  • Door-2-Door service - pick up  and drop off anywhere in central London (extra charges may apply if different).
  • Morning tours start 9.00 - 10.00 am (Mon-Fri).  Afternoon tours start 1.00pm (Mon-Fri).  Weekend tours start variable.
  • Tours can be combined & extended to 5 or 7 hour tours, eg. Highlights + Horror.  Each extra hour +£60.

(Highgate Cemetery:  A walk through gothic, wooded shadowlands in one of London's great Victorian burial grounds.  This addendum to the tour will add an extra 90 minutes.  Admission to the East Cemetery is £3 per head (pun intended).  Tell Graham if you're interested).


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3 hours £190
*Prices are flat rate for up to five people - Not per person

London Horror Tour: A Way of Death - features & gallery

  • Murder
  • Mayhem
  • Execution
  • Exhumation
  • Plague
  • Pest
  • Disease
  • Death.....and ghosts.
3 hours £190
*Prices are flat rate for up to five people - Not per person

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