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Buckingham Palace Garden, Summer 2021: Part 2

On July 8th 2021 Buckingham Palace opened up the Garden for it’s preview day, before opening up to the public. I was given a ticket. Here are my pictures.


Buckingham Palace: West Facade. Designed by John Nash (1820s) and part of the original Palace.


Buckingham Palace: West Facade. The three friezes were designed by John Flaxman and carved by Sir Richard Westmacott. The central frieze above the bay is called ‘Fame Displaying Britain’s Triumph’. The friezes to the left and right portray King Alfred the Great.


Buckingham Palace: North Facade. Looking along Nash’s front to the more famous East Facade designed by Edward Blore in 1850 and refaced by Sir Aston Webb in 1913.


Buckingham Palace Garden


Buckingham Palace Garden: Looking across the lake to the island where the Palace has it’s own bee hives.


Buckingham Palace Garden: Looking across the lake to the conservatory in the north west corner of the Palace.


Buckingham Palace: West Facade looking across the Garden from the lake

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