Half Day Tour: 8.30am - 1.30pm

Trip starts at your London hotel

Tour Stonehenge

Trip ends at your ship in Southampton

Graham is your guide and driver.


London to Southampton Dock can be a boring drive. This tour is designed to make that journey a lot more interesting.

Stonehenge: UNESCO World Heritage Site; mysterious and mystical site of the ancient world and easy to get to when driving from London to Southampton.

The 5000 year old stone circle at Stonehenge has been attracting visitors for millennia. People used to worship here. Some still do.

For most people today it's simply an 'amazing visitor attraction'. It's also a beautiful example of how ancient mankind had the ability to transform their landscape.

Cutting a swathe through Salisbury Plain the entire 'ritual' site is vast, predating even the stone circle. The stones are definitely the centrepiece, but there is more to see.

A modern Visitor Centre also exhibits the stories and archaeology of this mysterious monument. Objects and treasures found throughout the site are displayed and explained too.

By the time we leave you'll know your megalithic from your neolithic and a disc barrow from a druid priest.

Southampton Dock: From Stonehenge we’ll drive into Southampton Dock, ending at your ship.


Price excludes admission to Stonehenge. Tickets can be purchased when booking this tour.

For parties up to three this tour may be done in my Jeep (see photos).


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Half Day £350
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London Hotel to Southampton Dock + Stonehenge - features & gallery

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Half Day £350
*Prices are flat rate for up to five people - Not per person

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